We rescued Fergie from the streets of Atlanta, GA in 2007. Our plan for her was for her to be Gary’s second disc dog.

fergie 1

She competed for all the years we had her and had some decent success, 3rd place in 2008 Skyhoundz MicroDog Freestyle World Championships, and was the Florida State Freestyle Champion in 2009. However, she struggled with staying focused during play. She would often eliminate on the field regardless of having been walked. She quit mid-round regularly, especially during distance. In time, it was clear that disc was not her best sport and Gary was discouraged in that her issues seemed to be getting worse in competition.


Gary and I both trained her in agility and she is/was the most naturally talented jumping dog I have ever trained. In my opinion she is talented enough to be a national finalist. She struggled with focus and stress issues in agility as well but found agility easier since there was a “job” in each obstacle.


An opportunity arose for Fergie to have a new home, with a 13 year old girl all her own. Fergie always loved children. The girl, now trials her in agility and Fergie is… I’m almost embarrassed to admit, fat and happy. It was a heartbreaking decision to make, and certainly not an easy one, but sometimes dogs come and go in our lives and it’s important we make the best decisions for them. We miss her but I know she doesn’t miss us. She is home now.

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