Einie aka “Ping”

She is so exhausted she finally held still. @sunset1234

I grew up with JRTs at home and I really have a fondness for terriers for some reason. I couldn’t add one to my pack at the time but I had met two Jacks that I really liked, especially the sire, Bob, and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. So I asked my parents if they would keep one for me and fortunately, my dad agreed. I had to pick at 2 days old because I wanted to keep her tail and I chose her because she had a marking on her ear just like Kate.

Not sure you're supposed to pick at two days old... But it's done. She keeps her tail.

I’ve done some training on Einie in agility and disc and am pleased with her progress. I really like her personality and so far she is a fun and willing to please, dog to train. Well, for a Terrier. 😉 She’s also had some flyball lessons with friends and done well in new environments with strange people.

Dinner with the family. Bye to my little SMT. ❤️ #shitmonkeyterrier

I think she can work a room better than my border collies. #jrt #jackrussellterrier

#sofreshsoclean #dailyping

In 2015 and 2017 Ping had a litter with a Border Jack named Traffic. Then in 2019 a litter with a BC, Tommy.  I had the joy of raising 12 awesome, little JRT mixes. All 12 puppies have wonderful homes and I look forward to watching them grow up! She is spayed now, and while I’m sad it never worked out for me to keep one forever, I love each of those pups dearly.

4 weeks




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