Mint is out of Peat’s mom (Kemi Viva – who is by Kevin Evans Mirk) and by Rose Savkov’s Kerales Tex.


Mint is probably the softest dog I’ve ever trained, so she’s taught me a lot about how to be a different kind of trainer. She’s super talented physically and very sweet, great temperament with people, kids, dogs and cats. Looking forward to cracking the code and creating the kind of Mint that I know she can be. 🙂

Dug all the water out the bowl. Making spectacular messes in moments, Mint.  #bordercolliepuppy

In 2018, Mint had a litter off of Kaimen Miller’s Spyro. In total disbelief we delivered 5 (perfect) boys! I held back one for a year to train him up and see what they were like, I’m super pleased with how talented they ended up. I have no idea if there will ever be another Mint litter, but I’m glad the world got these 5.

#farmlife (ok sorry guys - new puppy, so many pictures) #iphonegraphy #BorderCollie #farmdog #🍬 #mint

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