The Cats

Well, I know the website says “Brilliant Dogs” but I gotta give a shoutout to my two wonderful cats who kill mercilessly, raise puppies and entertain me endlessly. 🙂

Vox Kitty aka VK


Vox is from a litter of kittens I raised, I kept the 3 males and the mother but two of the males had disappeared in a few months (coyotes…) the mother moved next door but she also subsequently disappeared. Vox somehow outlived them all! He seems to be good at evading danger, as a few times client dogs at the farm have tried to chase him.

He has a pretty interesting trick of showing you his paw, like a magician, look here.


Captain (Butt Hole) aka CBH

I had been thinking of adding another barn cat to the farm and we came across CBH at PetSupermarket, while shopping for fish. His back was turned to me but I had to ask, “Omg does that kitten have a split face?!” and of course, the rest is history. CBH is THE most interesting cat I’ve ever met. Part ferret, part dog, feral and savagely hungry at all times. He’s stolen sizzling sausages out of the pan, he will eat dog food out of the dog’s bowls if they’ll let him. And partially due to his insatiable hunger he has learned lots of tricks. He knows spin, sit up and wave.IMG_5525

His favorite thing is to hide until you pass by and then jump out to boop you. It’s also mission critical for him to get a surprise jump out of the laundry basket or from under the chair post shower. He follows us everywhere. He comes when called. He ever will retrieve a ball.


If Vox has managed to survive all odds, CBH is surely not going to make it in the wilds of night so we try to keep him in at night. CBH has already used about 12 of his 9 lives. 😀C31CCBC9-C283-4376-BE3D-624038C15972