Stimpson J. Dog

Stimpy is our resident livestock guardian dog (LGD) – he is half Anatolian, half Central Asian Shepherd, from Brian Cash in GA. He protects the flock and lives with the sheep. He is still a puppy but so far does a great job scaring off predators, of which there are many!

Stimpy ran off a hawk yesterday. Impressive that he knew to even look up. #workingdog #livestockguardiandog

Saw our first coyote since moving here this morning. Always worth a look when this guy is going off. He never barks just to bark. Such a good Stimpy. #workingdog #livestockguardiandog #LGD #fuckoffcoyotes

Central Asian / Anatolian puppy. Almost 9 months.
Stimpy with his log. Maybe you get the reference? 😀

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