Floofen Von Periwinkle

Floofen is from Zero G Aussies in Calgary. I first contacted her breeder, (to be totally honest) on a whim, a little bit drunk, looking for a mini Aussie for a friend, really.


The breeder had a couple litters but nothing really struck me, so we kept in touch. Then Floofen was born, on the day that Trinity died… I kept saying to myself, “well if she’s really great, then you will know.” Everything I saw of her I just couldn’t see any reason NOT to take her. Except that I had just had a litter out of Mint too, and I knew I would probably keep one of those…



Being honest with myself, I knew I wanted another small Aussie in my life and Bean was getting older so I had Floofen driven across North America, multiple hand off’s, some very nice people to help her journey to me and I couldn’t be happier! She is everything I would want in a mini Aussie. She makes me laugh and she has an uncanny ability to make anyone who meets her, love her.


In a world where Kate no longer exists, Floo fills that gap. ❤


Last note about this dog, when she was quite young, maybe 4 months old she was attacked by a dog and almost lost her eye, bones in her face are broken that won’t ever heal… however, to this day she has an amazing temperament with all animals, kids, people. Very much looking forward to starting her agility career soon!