A reflection on 2013

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.” -Leonard Bernstein

Resolutions are a funny thing. I’m going paperless this year. Not so much as a ‘save the trees’ move – though, yes, let’s save trees – but more as a way to clear clutter, create less waste. Where I can anyway.

Time. There seems to be not nearly enough of it these days and I wonder if 2014 will be as fast as 2013? I travelled more in 2013 than ever, it was terrifying and gratifying at the same time… and some of the time, I think I was traveling just to keep moving because if you are moving, you are alive.

Nothing more sad than a broken BC. Kate's had a sore wrist for a couple days. Send lots of light our way that she heals for the weekend. ❤️⚡️⭐️

Trin and Bayer are going to be 11 and 10. As senior dogs, they mostly sleep but both are in great health. I keep swearing I’m going to try tracking with Trin but there is that time thing…

How do you ask your friends to #petsit your #olddogs ? This photo always cracks me up, we were asking our friends to dog-sit the seniors while we went to PPPIDC.

Java needs 2 more gambles for her ADCH, we got two in one weekend in Dec and since have had a lot of good tries. We will get it. Next show, Java can jump 14″ which I know she will be really happy about. My plan for her in 2014 is to trial locally but less than last year. She will turn 8, and I will probably retire her from competing by 2015.

One of my all time favorite holiday photos of Java Bean. This is from before her muzzle started graying. #omdxmas13

Kate, oh the things. I have decided after much vexation to move her to 20/22 for the year. I personally like her at 26″ but with my lack of world team motivation, I’ve decided to do a year of 22″. I’ve entered AKC nationals at 20″ in March, as a way to practice for big events. Kind of funny to put it that, way but it’s AKC after all. I’d like to say I’m planning to go to California for Cynosport but who knows, that’s a long time from now. 2013 kind of taught me that whatever you’re planning, the universe will flip it upside down so I’m hesitant to really think too hard about the future for Kate.

There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul. -Victor Hugo

Peat, well, he’ll be a sponge and hopefully by the end of 2014 will be ready to start his career as a performance dog. 🙂 I’m excited for him and Gary, he’s quite the pup and I think every day about stealing him for myself.

Peat discovers salt water (from a few weeks ago)

If anything, 2013 taught me how to be sad. How to really, deeply feel the very bottom of things, and while that sounds incredibly depressing, it’s a good life lesson to have had. Allie Brosh describes it well. I learned how fleeting life is, and how silly so much of what we do every day is. Most importantly, pretty much all of what I had planned fell through or didn’t work out and instead spontaneous things happened, like PPPIDC, like Peat, our Kate puppy that isn’t. Like Brilliant Dogs, a dog event company.

A bunch of sexy beasts after learning to skateboard in Perry. Lizzy Ruca Java Peat and Katerade

Feeling sort of relieved that 2013 was over I started looking through all the phone pictures I took last year, and I discovered that in spite of how sad 2013 felt, Kate had a really good year. I’m very proud, I’d almost say surprised, but only because I know she’s just a baby, she’s a very talented girl with all the future potential one could hope for.

#beach #morningrun

You could say Kate is a two-time National Agility Champion in 2013, she won PPPIDC Nationals (besting a “real” national champ) and she won the games at US Open which according to their website is a national championship. Either event aside, no they aren’t traditional national wins, but wow, Kate. Just wow. We look pretty damn cool on paper. 😉 I believe she is the only dog to have won a national championship in disc and agility in the US…

We trained almost all day. And kate was #brilliant

I made this video, I started it wanting to be about everyone but Kate’s too special to share. I hope you enjoy it as I have watched it only 500 times. Some of those still shots crack me up. My only regret is that I didn’t take any E-Z/K-8 photos last year. I must remedy that in 2014.

My first Brilliant Dogs show is this weekend. I’ve been pretty excited up until today. Now I feel overwhelmed. This too shall pass and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I would if I just got to come to a trial run my way. 🙂 Kate has a sprained wrist so she will sit out for the next few weeks. Bummed, but that is life sometimes, thanks 2013, I learned that.

#spendallthemoney but I'm really excited for Brilliant Dogs first show this weekend. Here are Kate and Peat looking tortured modeling our ribbons. Haha at Kate she's all "don't touch me"

One response to “A reflection on 2013

  1. Alright, if you come out to CA for Cynosports, you have to let me know!
    Sorry about Kate’s wrist…
    Your first trial is going to be awesome, I just know it!

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